How To Report
Abuse, Neglect, or

How do you report neglect or abuse in Chester County?

First, you need to contact Loving Paws Rescue at

Loving Paws Rescue Organization
P.O Box 95
Luray TN 38352


Loving Paws Facebook page

Explain the situation to us and be prepared to give us information , such as---location (address helps), the names of the pet owners (if known), what is taking place, and the condition of the animal(s).

We will then, depending on the situation, either go to the location to assess the complaint or contact the Henderson Police Dept or Chester Co Sheriff to accompany us to that location. Please know that every effort will be taken to assure your anonymity. We are prepared to pursue legal action against anyone who abuses, neglects or abandons any pet.

Click on to our “TN LAWS PROTECTING ANIMALS” page to see just exactly what the law is. We have found that the majority of people don’t know that laws exist to protect all animals. The people that call to report problems do so out of the goodness of their heart. We need more people like that, but it really helps to know the law!